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Mozambique has a new publisher: it is called Plural Editores and its main goal is to publish educational and technical materials of higher quality, in order to be a decisive contribution for a better education of the coming generations.

Plural Editores, whose motto is "Experts in Education", relies on the contributions of the finest professionals of the area, including experts and renowned Mozambican authors, so as to ensure that its editions are appropriate for the reality experienced in our schools and the needs of teachers and students. With an investment of more than one million dollars at this early stage, Plural Editores will pay special attention to the scientific and pedagogical accuracy of its works, while using at the same time the most modern technologies in publishing and printing.

It is important to point out that, following the work it has been carrying out, Plural Editores has already achieved a strong position within the Mozambican editorial context, by assuring the definition of contents for the new textbooks of the 2nd Cycle of Secondary Education, in accordance with the Education Reform that the Ministry of Education is promoting. Plural Editores is linked to the Grupo Porto Editora, market leader in the Portuguese context regarding the areas of textbooks, dictionaries and educational and cultural multimedia resources.